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Margo O’Byrne / Left Unsaid

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When not writing, Margo is a consultant facilitator working with business, community and religious organisations to find solutions and build group strength.

She worked for many years as the Community Involvement Coordinator with the WA Department of Environment and Conservation, was a foundation member of the First Fremantle Housing Collective, helped establish the Environmental Weeds Action Network and is a member of Care Leavers Network of Australia (CLAN).

Why Call on a Facilitator?

Groups operate independently but from time to time there may be value in bringing a skilled outsider to look and listen and assist you to build strength in your own process. Facilitators can be called on when


Ø  Your group has changed, you need to revaluate your operating style

Ø  You have new personal within your organization

Ø  You’re unclear how best to use the skills of your members

Ø  It’s a while since you’ve reflect on your basic principals

Ø  You have an issue where you need guidance

Ø  You group is stuck and unable to move forward

Ø  There’s conflict within the group which is difficult to resolve

Ø  You’re developing a strategic plan and need some help with direction and staying on task

Ø  You’re not quite sure what you are supposed to be doing


To discuss your group’s needs please contact Margo on